Thursday, March 29, 2018

For the Record: Ben Shapiro's Working Class

I didn't watch Roseanne back when she was still alive, so to speak, s so I can't imagine why I'd be watching her now, but I've still managed to acquire enough opinions to take issue with young Ben Shapiro, who's pissed off because Roseanne and Dan voted for Trump but are not in his opinion authentic Trump voters, who are all, in his view, identical:
I started out trollishly agreeing with him:

That bizarre, prim belief in the morality of conservatism, meaning of course his own idea of morality, which all persons of the "working class" must share because they don't belong to the corrupt elite—the story they keep telling themselves and have come to believe, having no experience of such people (they should listen to country music). Ben Shapiro (UCLA, Harvard Law) despises the elite, of course, and its contempt for the good old ordinary folk that made this country great. And now Hollywood's gone and corrupted Roseanne, or Roseanne has corrupted the working class, or something. It's so terrible.

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