Friday, March 23, 2018

For the Record: First Thoughts on Bolton

Another secret Muslim betrays himself with the tawhid. Photo by Dennis Cook/AP via Breitbart (I won't link them).

I mostly thought the Bolton nomination was funny at first:

My acquaintance from the Hasbara League thought Stelter's take was all wrong:
But as the evening wore on and I remembered more and more who Bolton is, beyond the mustache, I started joining in the panic:

But in the end, these people are just not serious, and I can't be scared all night:

That was the one I wished I'd done the most.

(From the Game of Thrones Boltons, vassals of the Stark family who strike out on their own after the fall of the Starks, with astonishing viciousness, I think maybe the worst people in the series. Their totem emblem is a flayed man, don't know if they show that on TV.)

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