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Liberal Fascism watch

Via Nairaland.
Culture War reporting from Raw Story:
The [Colorado] Civil Rights Commission last week upheld an administrative judge’s finding that Christian bakery owner Jack Phillips had violated Colorado’s anti-discrimination statutes.
“I’m beginning to think, are re-education camps next?” [Family Research Council president Tony] Perkins wondered aloud. “When are they going to start rolling out the boxcars to start hauling off Christians?”
Anti-LGBT activist Bryan Fischer compared the ruling to the Holocaust and slavery earlier this week in a blog post.
“Meet our new overlords, the new owners of the American plantation, the gay mafia,” Fischer said. “All hail Big Gay, our new slave masters.”
Well, you do need ovens for cakes, right? Getting those innocent batters mixed up in procedures involving the whipping of eggwhites and/or cream and then sending them into the ovens so they can be baked and subsequently iced, then shipped in boxes by car for the amusement of the mincing mafiosi in the Big House just as Nazi bigwigs enjoyed the concerts in Theresienstadt, concerts of classical music I may stress, suggesting that they must have been just as homosexual as the liberal slavemasters portrayed in film by actors with gay names like Leslie Howard and Vivian Lee—oh, Vivien Leigh was a woman? The hell you say!—or Denver bakery customers. It's practically the same thing.

Although actual re-education camps are in China (theoretically abolished last fall, though no plans have yet been announced for closing them down) and for offenders like homosexuals (the Chinese government believes being gay is a bad lifestyle choice that can be reformed through therapeutic activities like manly hard labor), Falun Gong breathing exercise fans, and unregistered Christians (the Chinese government decides what kind of Christianity is acceptable just like Alabama chief justice Roy Moore), whereas what they had in Germany were concentration camps for registered Jews and homosexuals and socialists who were not expected to reform before they were sent home but instead never got sent home at all. Just concentrated.

Sometimes it's all just too disheartening, as when Jonah Goldberg published a book with the title "Liberal Fascism" and people went around trying to argue with it rather than just seeing that he needed to be sent to a home for sufferers from dissociative disease.

Image from Sherwood Creations.

Excerpt from Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, 2007 (pirate edition):

Let the record show that the first appearance of Dekonstrucktion is in Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism (2007), and of similaryly too, suggesting that whatever audience Doubleday was expecting it was one that would not care whether the book had been copy edited or not. The former is spelled correctly (Dekonstruktion) in the source in which Goldberg found his quote, not Harrington's book (which is I think a misattribution anyway; the actual source of the quote is the very left-wing Loren Goldner, whose name Goldberg apparently doesn't want to mention) but a remarkable paper by Thomas di Gregori attacking the Romantic vitalism of postmodern theorists and organic-food cultists and its sort of fascist roots from a decidedly left point of view, and ultimately from attacks on postmodernism and Heidegger from Jean-Pierre Faye which make it clear that the word used by Klages and edited by the Nazi psychiatrist Matthias Göring was Logozentrismus, and that Heidegger never did use Dekonstruktion but rather Destruktion or Abbau (which Jacques Derrida translated many years later as déconstruction), but the main thing is that all this literature is about attacking Derrida and Lyotard and the others for being, through the malign influence of Heidegger, too far right; so that when Goldberg uses the anti-totalitarian Derrida and Lyotard (or rather their names and little bits of terminology rattling around his pages like ricochets from a Ping-Pong rifle) as retroactionary evidence for accusing Heidegger of being a liberal (and doing it so he can subsequently claim to have shown that Hillary Clinton is a Nazi or "more than superficially reminiscent" of one), he is doing it wrong.

I believe this is Charles Foster Kane at his girlfriend's fiasco concert, but I haven't seen it in a really long time.
And Heidegger was an anti-science Romantic reactionary (in spite of the weird enthusiasm of Marxist Sartre and liberal Derrida) before and after he was a Nazi, and during too. In fact he'd fit right in with Goldberg's colleagues, the more or less educated ones at least, at the National Review. No dictionary online accepts "Judeize" as opposed to the conventional "Judaize". The "numinous Negro" is a character in a terrorized tirade against the unexpected ascent to respectability of Rev. Al Sharpton by Richard Brookhiser, first published in the National Review in 2001, which I believe Jonah thinks is a thing; he republished it in 2007. It's only drivel, though, venomous drivel. Think a viper with an uncontrollable drool.

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