Friday, June 6, 2014

Clickbait and switch

Shorter David Brooks, "President Obama was right", New York Times, June 6 2014:
No, seriously, he was right.
About Sgt. Bergdahl.
You know me, I wouldn't be so partisan as to deny it.
It's just not how I roll.
I call it the way I see it.
Well, it was kind of vulgar the way he did it, wasn't it, kind of Oprah-like if you know what I mean, and if you don't I'm sure you can make a good guess, and inaccurate rhetoric, unworthy grandstanding, astonishing tone-deafness, and hyperindividualized failure to make use of my well-known views on how you should always rescue a stranded individual, not for the individual's sake but for the common good, and never use spurious moral hazard arguments, but oops look at the time I don't have space to go into any of this stuff in detail especially about the inaccurate rhetoric.
Other than that...
Buster Keaton in Our Hospitality, 1923. Via Film Flammers.
Also, Steve. The always estimable Driftglass gives Brooks a break, awarding him a pair of long pants for a rare acknowledgment of the truth, but I disagree for once: the nastiness of the Brooks peroration disqualifies him.

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