Thursday, June 26, 2014

Get me rewrite

Harold Lloyd, in top hat, implements conservative policy ideas on Sammy Brooks with the assistance of Snub Pollard. From "I’m On My Way" (1919), via F*** Yeah Harold Lloyd.

"The Editors", at National Review:
For some time now, a number of conservatives — including the editors of this publication — have been calling for Republican politicians to do a better job of explaining how implementing conservative ideas will make life better for most Americans, countering the widespread impression that their agenda offers benefits only for the rich.
Hey, I was just wondering about that myself. "How," I asked myself, "will conservative ideas like privatizing social services, making the tax regime more regressive, and punishing sexual and reproductive behavior of which the US Roman Catholic bishops' conference disapproves make life better for most Americans? Why don't Republican politicians explain this better?"

Senator Marco Rubio has made a habit of making the case that conservative reforms will indeed work for everyone. In a speech Wednesday at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center in Washington, sponsored by the YG Network, he... highlighted a single mother struggling with the cost of living, students burdened with higher-ed debt and no worthwhile degree to show for it, and a family held back by the cost of health care.
Now you're talking, conservatives. What are your policies going to do for these folks?
Besides a constant commitment to growth, Rubio has a long list of legislative ideas that he has laid out in other speeches: Modernize Medicare and Social Security; open up the accreditation process to increase choices for higher education; hold colleges accountable for their results; expand the child tax credit to make raising children more affordable; and more.
So you're going to take care of that single mother by cutting taxes she doesn't pay, cheapen the cost of family health care by making seniors pay more for privatized plans on a lower fixed income, and make that student's degree a worthwhile one by making it easier for more for-profit colleges to get phony accreditation? Not to mention, since you didn't mention them, preventing them all from getting health insurance by dumping the Affordable Care Act and favoring crowd-sourced student loans garnishing your wages and the traditional bank loans at interest rates from over 6% to around 18% over federal loans at 4 or 5% because FREEDOM. Thanks, Marco, that was very clarifying.

Oh, and he opposes marijuana liberalization though he seems unsure whether he ever tried it or not, one of a few sure signs that he may have inhaled. Via Democratic Underground.

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