Friday, November 9, 2018

Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought. I

Another secret Muslim fundamentalist using the evil tawhid gesture? Via Buffalo News (once your correpondent's hometown paper).

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was certainly, as the ACLU said yesterday, the worst attorney general in modern American history

(only modern? well, there was Roger Taney, author of the Dred Scott decision, who managed to pack an amazing amount of evil into his brief stint as Andrew Jackson's attorney general in 1833, when he ruled that it was legal for South Carolina to ban free blacks from entering the state and held that the descendants of slaves could not be citizens, before Jackson moved him over to Treasury in a recess appointment and he proceeded to destroy the Second Bank of the United States without congressional authorization by withdrawing all its money; on account of which, when Jackson eventually submitted his name to the Whig Senate, he became the first nominee ever to be rejected for a cabinet position—come to think of it, he seems to have had a work ethic and personality type and effect on others quite a lot like Sessions)

and so it's somehow fitting that Trump should have fired him for the only thing he ever did right, just like the worst secretary of state ever, who got the sack for correctly referring to the emperor as a "fucking moron"; Sessions's crime was to take legal advice and turn over the supervision of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, since he himself had become implicated in the matters under investigation, after his lies to Congress on the subject of his contacts with Ambassador Kislyak. Nothing in his career became him so much as the way it kicked him out.

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