Monday, October 4, 2021

Ho de ho

At one point, [Stephanie] Grisham says Graham kicked a White House staffer out of Bedminster "so he could take her room."

"Senator Freeloader was sitting at a table by the pool, a big grin on his face, lapping up the goodies he was getting like some potentate," Grisham writes. "He said to me with a creepy little smile, 'Isn't this great? Man, this is the life.'" (David Edwards/Raw Story)

Let me tell you all a story bout Lindsey the moocher
He was a low-rent Ashton Kutcher
Kind of a fussbudget, kind of a nag
But he'd never let you down if you gave him some swag
Hi de hi de hi de hi
Ho de ho de ho de ho...

He hung around with a guy named Johnny
Cute as a button but big and brawny
Johnny said "Lindsey you want anything?"
"I only wanna sit on that presteejus swing!"
Hi de hi di hi de hi
Ho de ho de ho de ho...

He traveled with the king of Mar-a-Lago
A mobster capo like from old Chicago
King said "Lindsey want to play some golf?"
Lindsey clicked his heels and told him "Heil Adolf!"

King gave Lindsey breakfast and he gave him dinner
I tell you Lindsey wasn't gettin thinner
Lickin caviar off a golden knife,
he said to Steffie Grisham, "Honey, this is the life."

Hi de hi de hi de hi...

Poor Lin, poor Lin, poor Lin

And Ellis, leave me alone about the scanning: in the American Songbook, different verses have different syllable counts all the time and it's up to the singer to figure out which syllables belong to which notes.

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