Sunday, January 10, 2021

For the Record: Unite the Country


Not really sure it's sunk in for anybody else that Pence could be in a legitimately tetchy mood about this:

[Lin] Wood, a staunch believer that Trump won the election, has switched his focus from Democrats to Republicans, calling for Pence to resign and face "execution by firing squad" in a tweet Friday. Once arrested, Wood suggested that the vice president would "sing like a bird" and confess to being a "main participant" in the "theft of the election."

The controversial Atlanta attorney's comments sparked people to tag the FBI and Secret Service in responding tweets, saying that Wood's tweets constituted a threat against the vice president.

Just because of this:

Footage of the Capitol breach released afterward showed rioters chanting, “Hang Mike Pence,” apparently stemming from his decision to not intervene in changing the results of the presidential election. 

Though Trump publicly pressured Pence to try to overturn the election, the vice president's ability to do so was widely disputed. Congress ultimately certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory early Thursday morning, hours after authorities cleared rioters out of Capitol.

well, and then this:

Authorities have revealed that a vehicle found near the scene shortly after the siege contained a large number of firearms and explosives.

It comes as a Reuters photographer recounted what rioters were discussing as they tore through the Capitol on January 6 – including hanging the Vice President from a tree for being a "traitor".

Despite being a Republican, Pence is now loathed by a number of Trump supporters after endorsing Joe Biden's electoral college victory.

And ultimately this

“In a nutshell, Chuck, [the Trump-Pence relationship is] not good,” said [Hallie] Jackson. 

“I have learned from a source familiar with this that not only did President Trump not reach out to Vice President Pence as the events of Wednesday unfolded — and, remember, the vice president was in a secure location with, by the way, members of his family; his wife, his daughter, his brother had all come to be in attendance — but I'm told that the president has not called Vice President Pence since then.”

The counter-revolution, in line with the general habit of trying to do everything the revolution does, eats its children too. SAD!

In other local news, a Jonathan Turley sighting

And today's Hawley

Meanwhile, an amusing theme in Republican communications is their hatred of toxic divisiveness and longing for a good leader who will unify our country—not thinking, as you can imagine, of a Republican. Marco certainly sees it as a Democrat's job:

After all, Marco explains, 99% of the people Trump sent down Pennsylvania Avenue didn't make it into the Capitol, and probably hardly anybody really wanted to murder the vice president

Don Johnson of Miami Vice would love to know where Marco got that fabulous shirt.

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