Sunday, January 24, 2021

For the Record: Why I Hate The New York Times

Photo by Money Sharma/Getty Images via Wired.

But first, Pompeo's farewell. Only a few short years ago I thought it would be safe to say there would never be a worse secretary of state than Rex Tillerson, and I was wrong. But in his departure, he really transcended himself:

No brief for China's abominable treatment of its minorities, but Pompeo and friends do everything they can to push the same kind of soft genocide here.

As to The Times, when they're not pushing Republicans' "populist" agenda by painting Our Joe Biden as some kind of decadent aristocrat swimming in unimaginable luxury with his exercise bicycle and fancy watch

they're firing their own editors, apparently provoked by populist Mr. Greenwald

But then again

So what the hell. The Times denies (per Washington Post) that the "chills" Tweet had anything to do with it and, more or less, that she was exactly fired; she was a freelance editor, with no contract, which makes me madder, since I was a freelance editor for some years for a publisher as distinguished as the Times, treated like dirt so they didn't have to pay benefits, and unceremoniously fired without five minutes notice when they decided to stop publishing the series I was working on.

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