Saturday, December 26, 2020

For the Record: My Temper Tantrum


Actually that cover is from 1945. She looks a lot more demure in magazines from when the Duce was still alive.

Trump did say he wanted stimulus checks to be "more than $1200" in July, but he ordered them to stop negotiating altogether, at the beginning of October, until after the election, which Speaker Pelosi said was a "terrible mistake". Then three days later he changed his mind and demanded a stimulus that would be bigger than anything Republicans or Democrats were suggesting ("Go big!"he tweeted), and by the end of the month he was accusing Pelosi of refusing to do a stimulus bill after the election instead. Discussions of the second stimulus check, envisaged at that point as being for $1200, don't mention Trump's opinion at all, as if the journalists weren't able to find out whether he had one or not. At the beginning of December Trump was promising to sign McConnell's "skinny bill" with no checks at all, but a few days later, when Mnuchin fixed his number at $600, headline writers assumed that must be what Donald wanted.

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