Saturday, December 8, 2018

For the Record: Lumped Up Head

A starving Irish family from Carraroe, County Galway, during the Famine. National Library of Ireland, via Daisy Escorcia.

Again, this is not all about how I defeated a stupid person. "Not a Russian Pornstar" isn't even particularly stupid, just afflicted with some dumb stereotypes that seem obviously true to her, too true to bother checking out. I'm putting it up here, for the record, because it puts together an argument I've been wanting to make for a long time.

In fact the Cato study found it could be as low as $3.3 billion—$15.6 billion was the top of the range—and that was just by examining the flaws in the report that put it at $116 billion. But there's no reason to suppose that there are really any negative economic effects at all.

Nonpornstar thinks, "But I'm only talking about when it's illegal!" As if that changed the economics of it.

And if not through an ITIN that doesn't mean they're not paying; the thing is, an employer needs it on his own filing:

She left me alone after that.

Should add, I suppose, that I favor legal immigration because it's better for the immigrants, and everybody who migrates to this country should have the protection it affords. But we need in the first place, before the system is fixed, to regularize the situation of several million people who are "illegal" just because it's so broken—people who couldn't wait in their home countries for an invitation that might take 20 years to process, so amnesty, and as always, an expansive view on refugees and asylum seekers, especially from countries the US has wrecked, whether through the United Fruit Company or the USAF.

Also for the record, because I really am as vain as the next man, praise from Brad DeLong for last week's Brooks fisk, which he may have seen when our friend Batocchio kindly linked to it at Crooks & Liars:

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