Monday, December 10, 2018

George Papadopoulos, Birther Fan Fiction Artist

From the original covfefe boy:

Publishhed February 2014, 8 pages, 99 cents on Kindle.
The preview:

Simple racism? Check. Anti-miscegenation fervor? Check. Little hint of anti-Semitism? Check. It's no wonder Trump was eager to get this crack hand on his foreign policy team in April 2016.

Found this while investigating the book young George announced last week, emerging from his 336-hour prison ordeal, springing back like the resilient lad you knew he was:

Well, a potential book anyway. It's slated to come out 26 March 2019 with "Diversion Books", a possibly meaningful name. weighing in at 288 pages, suggesting that it actually has been written and is undergoing some sort of editorial process, under the grandiloquent title
Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump
Conveying to me, at least, that we must be looking at a time travel adventure, given that the real-life Papadopoulos was seduced into this mysterious conspiracy in April 2016 or some nine months before a President Trump existed. Unless, as has sometimes been suspected, getting Trump elected was actually part of the plot to bring him down, which would explain why the plotters inside the "deep state" waited until January 2017 to get this thing done. Not clear whether he's portraying himself as a target of the deep state or in the deep state. Or are we expected to come to grips with some kind of metaphor here, and if so what?

This kid is such a piece of work, from lying on his résumé as he was moving up from the Ben Carson campaign to the Trump operation
George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his attempts to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians, claimed on his resume to have worked as a research assistantat the Hudson Institute for almost five years. His LinkedIn profile said he worked with three senior fellows from March 2011 through September 2015 and led energy security projects for Eastern Mediterranean countries until accepting a role on Ben Carson’s presidential campaign. 
But the conservative think tank said in a statement that Papadopoulos was just an unpaid intern in 2011 and only worked as a freelance contractor for one Hudson senior fellow in 2013 and 2014. A former manager for Papadopoulos did not respond to comment on the timeline inconsistencies, but the Hudson Institute said he exaggerated his time there.
to his bizarre inversion of the truth about his perjury case—he seems to be claiming now that he told the truth to the FBI and lied in his guilty plea, but maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Meanwhile Mrs. Papadopoulos has been caught sending peculiar tweets to herself from a fake account:

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