Monday, May 15, 2017

Annals of Derp: Voter ID

Drawing by David Horsey/Los Angeles Times.

This great thread by Matthew Chapman welcoming the Supreme Court refusal to hear North Carolina's appeal on the quashing of its stupid and vicious voter ID law got me wound up into the battle:

This one makes me completely insane. I've been through it before. "They're canceling out my vote!" What kind of egomaniac thinks that way? (A mathematically challenged one.)

Especially since as you all know there is tons of evidence that voter ID laws DO suppress minority votes, and none at all that they have any effect in stopping people from impersonating voters, because people never impersonate voters! There's nothing to stop! Why are we even having this argument? (I know, because Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is very worried about the epidemic of imaginary voter impersonation. Please! If he is delusional he should not be the attorney general! He should not be our problem! And if he's not delusional he simply wants to stop black people from voting and that's against the law. He shouldn't be the attorney general either way! This is not rocket science!)

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