Monday, October 3, 2016

Today in contempt for the working class

Update: Welcome to Tengrain's Basket of Adorables.

Apparently they were out of Malbec that one time. Salem Times-Register, 2015, via Crooks & Liars.

Ah yes, "Boilermaker" Pence they call him, scourge of all the locals from Muncie to Indianapolis because he's such a hardass working-class sort of chap such as Suderman met once when the Uber was delayed and he was compelled to take the subway. Suderman knows all about such warm-hearted though stern-exteriored salt-of-the-earth fellows. (In fact Pence is more abstemious, or more afraid of alcohol, than Trump, refusing even to be in a room where alcohol is served unless his wife is present to restrain him, for flesh is weak, even Pence's.)

I don't know why I allow this kind of thing to piss me off so much. Wait, yes I do. The portrayal of the Republican as simple working guy and the Democrat as embubbled elitist, going back to the days of Nixon, Agnew, and Smothers Brothers vs. Hee-Haw, is so pernicious, because it's such a really profound part, more important than abortion or anti-gay hysteria, more important than war fever and immigrant terror, more important than tax revolt, of what makes actual people vote against their own economic interests. And when it's carried out by people like Suderman (like me, the son of an English professor in a mediocre college, but unlike me, someone who's never had a physical job in his life or one that wasn't paid for by the Koch brothers propaganda armies, and I'll bet he drinks plenty of red wine—if I was married to McArdle I'd be drinking raw gin through a straw) it's so deeply offensive. (I'll bet Kaine doesn't mind red wine either, though I can't find any pictures of him drinking any, but why should he mind, and what difference does it make at all?)

Republicans are the party of the country club, chamber of commerce, and Rotary, of the small-town power structure, of Miss Gulch and Mr. Potter. Pence himself would no more drink a shot and a beer than appear in a noh drama, though he's been known to try to make people feel comfortable about smoking cigarettes (smoking doesn't kill, big government kills), which is one of those real working class things, like heroin addiction and gun suicide, but working class people don't get any of the profits from it. His father was the proprietor of a string of gas stations, and his own non-government jobs have been college admissions counselor, attorney, and of course talk show host. There is nothing whatever working class about him except the theory of people like Suderman that working class people are narrow-minded idiots who can be manipulated into voting for what profits him. (Once again, the real problem is that too many of them don't vote at all, leaving their states to the control of the chamber of commerce.)

I just wanted to say that.
Kaine can be found consuming coffee, too, with his Beltway insider co-conspirators. What a hoity-toity snooty type, like all Democrats, he is.  Photo by Jacquelyn Martin/AP via Wall Street Journal.

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