Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Tweets

I want to say I thought this was kind of encouraging; not that these numbers have any kind of predictive application I can see, but in that 13% of Clinton voters saying the FBI director's weird maneuvers actually make them more likely to vote for her, substantive signs of a sentiment I hope would take hold, of just rage at the way these dark and powerful forces are trying to manipulate us, and determination not to be manipulated.

(While the Republicans who say they're less likely to vote for her are wrong; they couldn't be any less likely than they already were.)

Had a sort of popular tweet referring to the wonderful David Farenthold report on the generosity of the Trump Foundation

and a not-so-popular one, or frankly a wholly ignored one that I liked a lot, using a format related to the Radio Yerevan joke, as in "In Soviet Russia, television watch you":

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