Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roots of D'Souza's Rage: Postscript

Philandering, inebriated Indian pro-colonialist cops plea, will take ten months of not very hard time.
Unsound Dinesh D'Souza gazes at the beyond, as the shikara-wallah (head cut off by the camera-wallah, because what would he need a head for?) propels him into the Heart of Darkness. From his movie, via Albany Times-Union.
To tell the truth, I don't know whether he's inebriated or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. I bet he has a G&T when the sun goes over the yardarm just for the memories of keeping the malaria at bay and then says, "Shall we have the other half?" And then a little [jump]
Sherry while the tiffin-wallahs are busy in the kitchen and Claret during, and a spot of Port when it's all over.

Echidne and Atrios both showed up complaining that the campaign-funding crime he got busted for pales in the face of his intellectual dishonesty as a writer, a much more serious offense in the long run. (Atrios compares it to Al Capone being nicked for tax evasion.) But to me, really, that bus left the station long ago. What really needed to happen was having him kicked out of academia for academic fraud instead of adultery. What kind of crime for a college president is adultery? Of course for that to take place he would have had to have a job at a real college instead of a 500-student Christian business school, which could hardly have happened.

The reason he enrages me so much is colonialism, and the colonialism that lingers in my own wicked white man's heart, which I had to work pretty hard to recognize and overcome to the extent I've overcome it. I don't mean this in a full-Godwin sense, but an Indian who uses "anti-colonial" as a term of invective, as D'Souza does of Obama or Obama's father, is just that close to a Jewish Nazi. I don't think it should exist.

My February post after D'Souza's indictment, which I still think is pretty good, is here.
D'Souza as the Maharaja of Gomaya. From Tintin (how Belgian-colonialist is that, Sadlys?) in 2012.

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