Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catch me if you can

Buster Keaton, College (1927). Images from WiffleGif.
Shorter David Brooks, "The Streamlined Life", New York Times, May 6 2014:
Big data! Annual surveys of the UCLA freshman class done since 1966 show that human nature has not changed but high school is easier than it used to be, students are more worried about the cost of college and the question of whether they'll ever get jobs or not, and they're reporting themselves as less empathetic. I was totally going to explain how this has nothing to do with 40 years of pulling back government funding from higher education and tax policy dividing the economy into the 95% living paycheck to paycheck and 5% rentiers but is rather caused by our spiritual decay but oops I just ran out of space.
Buster Keaton, I think from Cops (1922).

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