Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pencil Paradox

Obamacare can't work! There's a perfect logical proof of it at the Limbaugh factory:
CALLER:  Yes.  Thank you, sir.  I'm homeschooled, and I'm taking your Hillsdale economics course on the website, and I'm really enjoying it.  So I just want to say thank you guys for advertising that.  I just wanted to mention, I want to share with you something that I learned in our last lesson.  Lecture six, Dr. Wolfram was talking about the pencil industry, and he told this story.  He said, "The story goes like this.... this person goes up on Capitol Hill, and he was told, "You need to find out every business in the United States and how many pencils they need, and you have to keep them supplied with pencils every single day of the year, and you have to find out that they have the right amount of pencils, and you also have to allocate resources to give everybody these pencils."
That person couldn't do it for a single day because obviously there's however many million people in the United States, and he couldn't even possibly go around to find out how many businesses need pencils, how many people need pencils and make sure enough pencils are not a shortage of pencils.  And he tied that into the Obamacare, how they're trying to go to a central planner, how it's not gonna work because there is a huge lack of information of who needs health care, why they need health care, that there's enough resources of health care --
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Fact! When the worldwide pencil crash of 1929 occurred, people were baffled as to how to proceed. President Hoover asked Congress to come up with the necessary data, identifying every business in the US that uses pencils and determining how many pencils they actually needed so they could mark up the needed legislation, but the person tasked with the job had barely gotten to business no. 24 before business no. 3 was calling him back to say that they had gone shopping and didn't need any further pencils for the moment, and so forth. Then in early 1933 President Roosevelt tried the alternative approach of setting up the Works Pencil Association in which an army of otherwise unemployable pencil pushers attempted to foist their pencils on businesses regardless of whether they needed them or not. As everyone knows, the crisis ended only when the government withdrew from trying to run the economy in World War II, and the responsibility for the allocation of pencils reverted to the Invisible Hand. Thus demonstrating that no government program can ever work ever.

Of course Obama has tried to outwit the Pencil Paradox with his usual lazy-ass buck-passing technique. Instead of that guy on Capitol Hill getting down the names and addresses of everybody who needs health care and what and how much they need, he's come up with the idea of forcing people to apply for it themselves, naturally with catastrophic results: a website that took a full month before it would work properly.

And the suffering doesn't stop there. For example, do you realize Obamacare doesn't make house calls? I want my Invisible Hand back!

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