Friday, December 20, 2013

Cheap shots: Advent Edition

Rhetorical question?
OK, it's meant to be cute (From Kathryn Jean's "casual corner" at Patheos):
What do Fifty Shades of GreyDownton Abbey, Andrea Bocelli, have in common with Benedictine nuns in Missouri? Billboard, and guess who’s been in the lead?
Habakkuk. Russian icon, 18th c. Via Wikipedia.

Angels and Saints at Ephesus, a recording of hymns sung by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles, released by De Montfort music. Over the last months,Angels and Saints enjoyed a 14-week stay at No. 1 on the classical traditional chart and is currently No. 10. Mother Cecilia Snell, the prioress of the northwest Missouri monastery, played the horn with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in Ohio before entering contemplative religious life.

Funny, though, to think of Mother Cecilia defying Habakkuk 2:20 and Kathryn Jean defiantly backing her up. And of the whole American Catholic church lining up to help those nuns whack Andrea Bocelli.

Certain search terms, incidentally, freeze Google on my computer, using Chrome. I try to imagine it's unusually busy terms, but they have been such as to make me a little paranoid—like "Palestinian" or "Osama bin Laden" or what have you. This isn't really NSA, is it? But in preparing this little post I had a surprise: couldn't search "Habakkuk". There isn't something terroristic about that prophet, is there?

He was warding off the evil eye. Via Guerilla Media Network.
Darkness at Noonan*

Via Tengrain:
“That said, it still looks like very basic negligence, as if no one is keeping enough of an eye on the Secret Service, no one’s checking the quality of the advance or sending emails asking: “Hey, what do we know about the sign language guy — any chance he’s a mentally ill criminal?”
Because in the days of righteousness, when Ronald Reagan was president, that was practically the first question they'd ask.

*This headline was used, I'm afraid to much better purpose, by Keith at the sublime World o' Crap last Monday,  and independently invented by me on Friday morning. What can I say? other than read his post.
And if you'll believe this, you'll probably believe Sara Palin.
his name is Tommy Malroney .Tommy was conceived on March 10th, 2007. When Tommy was in his last trimester his mother murdered him with the help of a abortion doctor. this is a real pic of Tommy taken right before he was murdered while still living INSIDE his mothers womb (3rd trimester).Via.
Not long ago, I was overinterpreting ex-Governor Palin, accusing her of suggesting the abortion of Jesus was a thing, as they say on Twitter, that is a topic with which some persons are suddenly concerned, washed up on the cybershore. But apparently it really is:
Would Planned Parenthood have Aborted Jesus?
Pro-Life Action League Christmas Caroling Offers Hope to Mothers of Unborn Babies
Contact: Tom Ciesielka, 312-422-1333,; On site contact Ann Scheidler, 312-965-1030
CHICAGO, Dec.17, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- What would Christmas be without the Baby Jesus? What will Christmas be like this year in all those homes with missing babies--all the babies who would have experienced their first Christmas this year?

It's with that sobering thought that pro-life Christmas carolers will move through the city singing songs around an empty manger as they visit Chicago abortion clinics.
Singing songs of love—but not fourmis

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