Monday, February 11, 2013

Hostage crisis

This is what Special Interests look like. From Native American Community Academy.
Senator Cornyn feels that our Constitution forbids Native American police officers and courts to do anything about white men raping or beating or otherwise harming Indian women on reservation territory. Nor can a woman get help from the police of the state where the reservation is located. It was the clear intention of the Founding Parents, according to Senator Cornyn, that victims of that sort of violence should head out to the nearest US Attorney's office, no matter how many hundreds of miles away it may be, or else just suffer, so that white men can exercise their God-given right not to be investigated by brown people. So he can't allow the Violence Against Women Act to be renewed with a new provision rectifying that situation. It even makes him a little sad:
“This is a bill which could do so much good in the battle for victims’ rights, but unfortunately it is being held hostage by a single provision that would take away fundamental constitutional rights for certain American citizens,” Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, said on the Senate floor on Thursday. “And for what? For what? In order to satisfy the unconstitutional demands of special interests.”
Funny, I never heard the Senator was especially concerned about the Fifth Amendment, except insofar as it concerns real estate. Indeed, Senator Cornyn and Fifth Amendment rights for humans have a little history of disagreement.

I guess the plan will be to arrest that hostage-taking provision. And torture it. 

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