Tuesday, February 5, 2013

High Horse

Cross-posted to the New York Times:

  • RobertS
  • Queens, New York
l have read the white paper on this and it is pretty clear that to kill Americans who are actively supporting, planning and carrying out operations against our country should be legal. If you want to comment then at least read what the government is basing this on. And I can't really see why anyone has a problem with this. I would rather they be killed then my family, friends, neighbors and citizens of the United States.

Get off you high horses, these people mean business and any American who sides with them gets what they deserve, a quick trip to paradise. Let the government do what needs to be done and I wish them good hunting, for all our sakes!

You really need to try to imagine that you are somebody like the nice Queens-dweller and good citizen I am sure you are with a family member or friend or neighbor who happens to be wandering around Yemen without a good reason, or without a reason that is clear to the US military. There are lots of people in Queens like that and just as nice as you: Arabic speakers on a study break, young men looking for wives, businesspeople making contacts. I am a hundred percent sure that President Obama doesn't want to kill such a person and works very hard to avoid it, but I don't think he succeeds in avoiding it a hundred percent of the time. And I am mindful that not all presidents are as conscientious as he is.

I really am on a high horse here, of lives and fortunes and sacred honor. If you say you would rather have innocent people killed than be endangered yourself you are not being what I would call a good American.
High Horse, by Bloody Bishop.
I might add that I'm not even yet ready to condemn Obama on this—still wrestling—but an argument like that of Robert S is really how "the terrorists will have won."

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