Thursday, September 6, 2012

Airborne Elephant Watch: Egypt! (addendum)

Eggs Definitely Look Better with Mustaches. By Ben at
 Friedman manages to admit his error, sort of:
I was critical of Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi, from the Muslim Brotherhood, for attending the Nonaligned Movement summit meeting in Iran. I argued that he was giving legitimacy to an Iranian regime that had crushed the very kind of democratic movement that brought Morsi to power. But Morsi surprised me, for the better, by using his visit to Tehran to call out the Iranian leadership for supporting Syria’s “oppressive” regime. The Iranians were livid. You can be sure that, on other days, Morsi will say and do things that will give us indigestion. We still need Egypt’s strategic support in the region. It still needs our economic aid. But a more democratic, Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt will not behave like the automatic ally it was before. We’ll need a new kind of relationship. It will be complicated.
Or, in the more spaciously crazy terms of his blog, Really Tom Friedman:
So it’s complicated. Which is why, last week, when I said Mohammed Morsi was handing the keys to the revolution over to the mullahs at the used-revolution dealership and it turned out he was just getting valet parking at a brand-new restaurant called Pimp Slap the Islamic Republic, I was mistaken. What Morsi took Iran to task about, well, who can remember?
The soldiers have turned down the Sidi Touré and explained that the Egypt-Iran kerfuffle was over Syria. Which I knew already, but have put my fingers in my ears to avoid hearing again.
I guess he really got face on his egg, heh-heh.

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