Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wanker of the weak

Fried chicken. From
Not since Ward Connerly (last spotted in trouble with the IRS, even though he gave himself a huge pay cut, down to $850,000) have I seen such a deeply self-hating black man as the Drive-By Pundit (via Sarah, Proud and Tall at Balloon Juice), making his debut at American Thinker with the claim that Obama is losing the African American vote, and thus the election:
I see that loss reflected in the faces of my fellow blacks, who at the mention of Obama’s name no longer beam with rapturous joy—something we blacks normally reserve for winning lottery tickets and intimate getaways with persons not our spouses.
Hey, Drive-By, aren't you forgetting about watermelon? Why, I suspect that you may have gotten a little out of touch with the brothers. Numbers, adultery, watermelon... and fried chicken...
I know what I'm saying can be dismissed as anecdotal, but there really is something refreshingly conservative in the air again in the black community.  Black "pastors say their congregants are asking how a true Christian could back same-sex marriage as President Barack Obama" does.  If the story can be believed, some black pastors are encouraging their congregations not to vote on Election Day, given the choice between the Rock Star in Chief and a Mormon.
Oh, I can just about believe the story. I remember it from way back in 1993 and New Jersey, when Ed Rollins bragged about distributing the "walking-around money" to black pastors on behalf of Christie Whitman. But it wasn't true then, * and I doubt that it's particularly true now. Not because the Republicans wouldn't do it—there's certainly something Republican about the concept of paying people to not vote, Democrats traditionally doing it the other way around—but because few if any black pastors would accept those thirty pieces of silver, knowing as they do what the vote represents to the community in suffering and triumph. And for the same reason the ones who are talking about not voting for free will turn out to be very few.**
Oh sure, when it comes to their waning ardor for Obama, blacks put up a good front, especially around whites -- i.e., pollsters.  But I know my people "like every square inch of my glorious naked body" (a little Rush Limbaugh lingo there).  When in the wrong and confronted by whites, blacks will always hide their true thoughts and feelings, much in the same obstinate way as their refusal to admit that O.J. did it.  (He did, by the way.)
Every square inch? Are you calling yourself a wanker, there, in the old-fashioned sense? And how do you and your glorious naked body keep up with your people, out there in Plainfield,*** Illinois (95.85% White, 0.84% African American)? Through your pals at Move-On-Up?
With apologies to the great, late Sherman Hemsley.

Yup, I think you may be a little out of touch. And I bet you're not making money on the Connerly scale either, huh?

*At least, there's no evidence that Rollins actually committed this serious federal crime, or none that the FBI was able to find. When the US attorney asked him, he said he'd made it all up, and tbe feds, after an investigation, agreed. The Times commented,
Mr. Rollins may be happy that he is only a liar, not a crook. Democratic victims of his campaign management and blacks victimized by his boasting are less satisfied. The prosecutors have swept a menacing cloud from Mrs. Whitman's inauguration next week, but not the lingering smell.
**According to no less an authority than Bill Clinton, this year's Republican tactic in Florida is to cancel early voting on the Sunday before the election, when African American church congregations traditionally hire buses to bring elderly and disabled people to the polls after services.

***Click for the great article where Drive-By finds solid evidence that the Democrats supported slavery back in the 19th century. You can just imagine him saying, "Bet you won't hear about that on NPR."

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