Tuesday, January 14, 2020

For the Record: Ignorance

One of the best of a lot of online proposals that could really change his life if he wasn't so goddamned dumb. iPetitions: Give Trump a Military Haircut.

I thought that might really be a legitimate campaign idea. Dear Trump voter, you'd be a much better president than Donald Trump. I realize you don't have a lot of time to think about government, you're busy with real life, but that's why you'd be a better president, because there's a world you live in where you're smart and normal. Trump doesn't think about government and he's not busy with real life either! He's had no contact with real life for 40 or more years. Trump isn't smart or normal anywhere! He doesn't think about government because he doesn't have the ability.

Trump is that bad boss we've all had who tries to run the company without any idea of what the company does, stopping you from getting your work done and commandeering you into wasting your time making him look good:
That's what it's called in the one business he ever succeeded in, TV production, which is full of people like him, in it because they've got some money and want to spend time with famous people. Trump, as star of the Apprentice franchise, showed a certain amount of talent for the kind of performance required, which I assume (I never watched it) is a more restrained version of the same kind of moderately funny thing we see in the rallies and press availabilities, but as executive producer he was just a problem for everybody, making idiotic demands on people's time over trivialities, kibbitzing with the things he didn't understand and periodically throwing the whole enterprise into turmoil by changing the storyline at the last minute. That's pretty much how he functions in the White House:
He scrutinizes behind-the-scenes details of his television interviews, preferring to be shot in natural light and from the right side because he likes the way his hair looks from that angle.
He cares about how the back-and-forth parrying with the White House press corps looks on TV, sometimes directing camera crews to move to the right or the left for the best shot.
He "likes the way his hair looks", that's pretty funny, I get that, but still, shouldn't he be thinking about war and peace, stuff like that? If it was your job wouldn't you spend more time finding out how to answer the questions they're going to ask?
“The president views the White House especially as the greatest backdrop on earth — no matter what the event is and no matter its relative significance. Even for more minor events, he wants to use the majesty of the White House to give himself a communications advantage,” said Cliff Sims, the former director of White House message strategy under Trump and author of the memoir “Team of Vipers.”
The president is known to pay close attention to how he looks and how an interview sounds. Once, before an Oval Office address, the president arrived hours earlier to tweak the lighting, according to a photojournalist in the press corps. The president has focused so much on lights at the White House that he asked for bright television lights, used in the East Room since at least the Carter administration, to be removed in favor of softer, natural light and the more flattering glow of chandeliers.
He’s also been known to stop and restart an interview if he’s interrupted, as he did once during an ABC News interview in the Oval Office when his chief of staff Mick Mulvaney coughed during filming.
Of course some people have reasons for liking it:

They think it's funny because they're making money in any case. He's a sucker, and he's their sucker. You shouldn't think it's funny if your kid can't get a job paying better than $7.50!

It has consequences! If you, Trump voter, were president and wanted to restrict food stamps in some way and your people told you the plan was going to cause serious hunger for your own voters, hillbillies in West Virginia who can't find work to meet work requirements because there isn't any, you'd see that as a problem, but Trump doesn't:
If you didn't understand what import taxes are (you probably understand them better than Trump does) and your advisers told you carrying on your little war with China was going to throw thousands of farmers and factory workers in your most important states out of work, you'd hesitate!

This is happening because Trump is stupid, not ignorant like you and me but stupid, and won't take advice from his own staff!

Maybe you don't think that's a big deal but it's because he's like that that Kim Jong-un manipulates him like you can manipulate a toddler with a bag of Gummie Bears...

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