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To my amazement, I find I've never written a blogpost on Congressman George Santos. How could that be?

I've given him plenty of attention on Twitter, in any case, mostly to the effect that his hilarious tall tales, from the story of his having been on a championship Baruch College volleyball team to his having been a producer of the doomed Spiderman musical to his mother's having actually died on two separate occasions, a pretty unique experience, are of far less importance in the broad scheme of things than the corruption involved in his getting into Congress, the fraudulent fundraising, the misuse of campaign funds for his own personal enjoyment, and the feeding of really large amounts of money from secret sources, all of which play roles in the federal indictments that arrived today from New York's Eastern District in an Islip courtroom.

That last is the most important. Somebody set him up with that $750K, and the prosecutors still don't know who it was. I think it's clear it wasn't Viktor Vekselberg's American cousin:

It's hilarious that he was collecting COVID-relief unemployment checks even as he was taking a $120K salary from Investment Firm #1 (which isn't named in the indictment but must have been the Ponzi scheme Harbor City Capital, as the Miami Herald corroborates), given how rabid the Republicans have been about denouncing the program, of course the biggest case of unemployment fraud had to be a member of their caucus. Looks like Speaker Kevin will hang on to him (he couldn't have passed that stupid debt ceiling bill without Santos's vote) as long as he can. 

I wouldn't mind hearing from some of the people who told me he'd never get busted because MERRICK GARLAND WON'T DO ANYTHING. Looking forward to the coming Trump indictments, including the very Santos-like but gigantic scheme in which he raised $250 million by falsely telling donors the money was for fighting to overturn the 2020 election. I'd love to know how he spent it.

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