Friday, September 16, 2022

For the Record: Punk'D by Ron DeSantis

That George Wallace–era prank Texas governor Greg Abbot has been playing and Florida governor Ron DeSantis has attempted to emulate rreally isn't any funnier than it was in 1962

if you recognize how frightened and bewildered the people they're using must feel, but that obviously doesn't bother DeSantis

But it's re-raising a bunch of issues that haven't gotten the attention they really deserve; just summarizing:

Not that there's anything wrong with the churches that provide aid and comfort in these manners, like the one in Martha's Vineyard that's met the occasion so well—glad to see all the examples of Christianity according to the spirit to contrast with the Christianists or Christian Identity fanatics using it as an excuse for bigotry.

I don't know if I've mentioned before how different the odds are of getting you asylum approved are  depending on where you land, but it's enormous, and it really is connected to their knowledge of the communities they're working with, New York and Los Angeles judges being familiar with the horrors of gang violence and police corruption in Central America and Houston judges know from "wetbacks" and little else. But you can bet Sessions and his Nazi acolyte Stephen Miller knew all about it.

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