Sunday, March 6, 2022

For the Record: This Week in IOKIYAR


Drawing by Neal Obermeyer, September 2009.

Meanwhile, The Former Guy is "joking" again:

And We Sit and Watch

By Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

We should take our F-22 planes,
put the Chinese flag on them
and bomb the shit out of Russia.
And then we say – China did it,
we didn’t do it, China did it,
then they start fighting each other
and we sit and watch.

He's so smart he just invented the concept of the false colors operation! Too bad he doesn't know Russians have the ability to recognize what country an F-22 is coming from .

Steve M has important things to say about this plan, which sounds as if Trump has been watching more Saturday morning cartoons than Fox News—notably that this is how the old commander-in-chief is going to run national security if we can't stop him from getting reelected, with no Gary Cohns or John Boltons to stop him, to which I would just add:

He also "joked" in the same speech about how he wishes his subordinates would treat him the way Kim Jong Un gets treated by his, and I was moved to remind Twitter users of what Trump means by that:

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