Saturday, November 20, 2021

For the Record: Don't Make a Federal Case of It (or Try If You Want to, But You'll Fail)


Because personally, if I'm a member of Congress and somebody portrays me as a cartoon serial murderer, I'm not going to think it's making fun of somebody else. If I were involved in it, of course, I'd put it more in the old Warner Brothers style than anime—that looks more satirical to me—putting Gosar's face on Elmer Fudd. And he'd fail to get his kill, that's a lot funnier, trust me.

And in Sinemascope

Our friend Doug was reporting on Henry Olsen at the Washington Post concern trolling "moderate" Democrats voting for "electric bicycles" and "tree equity

And, speaking of trees, there was the Greenwald

This led to a lengthy debate over what the federal government might or might not be able to do about the Rittenhouse case in which I'm sorry to say I was an extremely wet blanket. I'm not proud of that but I gathered a lot of information I didn't have before that I'd like to leave here, for the record as I always say:


In the end he really seems to be talking about thoughtcrime, and the feds really can't prosecute that, though Tucker and Glen and the like think (or rather pretend to think) they can.

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