Monday, November 30, 2020

For the Record: Populism, Hawley-Style

Buster Keaton in College, 1927.

Rant I couldn't make myself refrain from:

Have I mentioned that Hawley doesn't live in Missouri? Though when Trump decided to move a host of USDA employees to Kansas City, in the effort to get them either to quit their vital regulatory function or completely uproot their lives and those of their spouses and children, Hawley was very high-sarcastic about how these pointy-headed researchers thought they were too good to live in Missouri, Hawley himself lives in a big house in Virginia; he maintains a voting address in Missouri, but it's  his sister's house

As Steve later pointed out, Hawley's tweet was in response to neverTrumper Tim Miller pointing out an illiterate Hawley contradiction:

"Nah," says Hawley, "corporate liberal, Marxist, all the same because words don't have any meaning any more, suck it up."

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