Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Literary Corner: Everything Will Be Just Fine

Paul Klee, Senecio (Head of a Man Going Senile), 1922. I picked it for its orangeness before I was aware of the title and alternative.

Three songs from the Super Tuesday Eve rally in Charlotte, transcribed by the bots at rev.com.

A Little Trolling
by Donald J. Trump

I. Such a Good Reason
We like to troll.
We like to go
the night before one of their primaries.
We do a little trolling,
it’s called
we do a little trolling.
Bernie Sanders
was very upset,
“Why would he be there?” Why?
Because I want
to win, I want
to keep everybody happy.
That’s such a good reason.
II. Impeach Them!
Mayor Pete Buttigieg,
Buttigieg, Mayor Pete,
he quit. Out last night.
Then I hear a Senator
from a state we’re going to win,
we’re going to win that state,
but she dropped out.
It sounds like they made a deal.
They both supported Sleepy Joe.
You know why? Quid pro quo!
Impeach them!
They should be impeached!
They should be impeached!
Quid pro quo!

III. Sleepy Joe
Maybe he gets in, because
he’s a little more moderate.
So maybe he gets in. 
But he’s not going to be running it.
Other people are going to.
They’re going to put him
into a home, and other people
are going to be running the country. 
But they’re going to be super left radical crazies.
They’re going to be super left radical crazies,
Joe’s going to be in a home.
He’ll be watching television.
Everything will be just fine.
He can't remember Amy Klobuchar's name, or what state (Minnesota) she represents, though he remembers Parscale telling him he's going to win there. He does seem to have attained some kind of grasp of what "quid pro quo" means, but now he thinks all quids pro quo are illegal, or at any rate impeachable, and his grasp on what "impeach" means has grown so feeble as to have slipped away altogether, perhaps because his own experience of being impeached is so vague to him that he can't even be sure it really happened; the thing in the Senate he understands well enough, he got away with the quid pro quo thing, but the thing in the House, which he watched faithfully as it unfolded on his TV? What was that about? Did it really even involve him at all?

I don't know to what extent he realizes he lives in a home, in the East Wing or Palm Beach or Bedminster, watching television, while radical crazies run the government, but it's awesome how the words tumble out.

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