Monday, June 17, 2019

Literary Corner: They Laughed "Haha" That Was So Funny

Song of Vengeance for George Stephanopoulos
by Donald J. Trump

Excuse me, read the report,
read the conclusion of the report,
just read it. 
Ok, I mean look
you are one that said
Donald Trump is not going to win
and then you smiled when I
got into the race, and you laughed.
You and Maggie Haberman
would laugh ‘haha’ that was so funny
and I will give your deputy chairman
of the DNC credit. 
Because he looked at the two of you
and said, sorry to tell you but
Donald Trump is going to win.
And you laughed because you thought
it was ridiculous and Maggie Haberman
of the New York Times who knows
nothing about me, by the way,
I rarely speak to her, she laughed
and thought it was so funny.
The people that didn’t think it was funny
were the people that voted for me
(Text via ABC)

Little does he know, those were the ones who thought it was really funny. But then they were laughing with him, not at him, at the discomfiture of the libtards.

"The report" is of course the Mueller Report, which Trump obviously hasn't read himself (he told Stephanopoulos he had, and it says "no collusion"), but his advisers have told him it exonerates him. Or he's ordered them to say it exonerates him and they've obliged, just as last week he ordered them to lie about the internal polling showing he'd lose to almost any of the competing Democratic presidential candidates:
After being briefed on a devastating 17-state poll conducted by his campaign pollster, Tony Fabrizio, Mr. Trump told aides to deny that his internal polling showed him trailing Mr. Biden in many of the states he needs to win, even though he is also trailing in public polls from key states like Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania. And when top-line details of the polling leaked, including numbers showing the president lagging in a cluster of critical Rust Belt states, Mr. Trump instructed aides to say publicly that other data showed him doing well.
The deputy chairman of the DNC was Keith Ellison, in July 2015, and I don't know if anybody else has tried to trace this reference (it wasn't difficult), but it's pretty interesting as an angle on psychotrumpology, as reported in the Washington Post:

suggesting on ABC's “This Week” in late July 2015 that Donald Trump stood a chance of winning the Republican nomination. The idea is met with laughter from two of the other people there, including the New York Times's Maggie Haberman and host George Stephanopoulos.
“I'm telling you,” Ellison says, over the chuckles, “stranger things have happened.”
He didn't say, "Donald Trump is going to win," of course. But he did say, correctly, that it was possible for Trump to win the nomination and Democrats ought to take him seriously.

Trump's been stewing over this slight on Stephanopoulos's part for nearly four years, and plotting the whole time for this moment, apparently, down to the crazy blocking of the Oval Office segment in which George hovers over Trump sitting at the Resolution desk like a butler asking "Will you require anything further, sir?" That's the entire reason for the interview, I think.

Haberman had the weirdest diffidence talking about this moment seven months later, when Trump's nomination victory was starting to look inevitable:
... laughing is one of my top five regrets of this campaign.... but it still doesn't mean I was laughing at the notion of Trump winning. I'd point you to coverage I did of Trump in 2011 when he thought of running when I was at Politico. I took it, and him, pretty seriously.
That's reassuring, to Donald. But he still hasn't altogether forgiven her. She's always on notice.

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