Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We interrupt this program

We're grieving over the Big Lose of Big Cruz, but life must go on!

Cartoon by Steve Benson, via the West Central Tribune of Willmar, Minn.
New from the Sherman Oaks Review of Books:
  • A letter from the imaginary editor of the even more imaginary Rancho Cucamonga Review of Books, C.W. (Crinkle Wrap) Charles, in which your correspondent had a collaborative hand
  • A follow-up on that infinite number of monkeys that typed Hamlet some time ago—those guys were geniuses, whatever happened to them?
  • A heroically individualistic eggplant recipe from the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand
  • And much—some—more!!
"Farewell Cruz", via YouTube. I'm not watching it. Just saying.

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