Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cheap shots: Latino outreach

Like, he hasn't changed his mind, but is vice president a man's job exactly? Image via NewsMax (sorry).
Buried lede department

This paragraph down near the bottom of the Times report struck me this morning: Is Trump selecting a VP candidate?
Still, in some quarters, reconciliation between Mr. Trump and his onetime critics is underway. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who clashed bitterly with Mr. Trump before dropping out of the presidential race, has had multiple phone conversations with him recently, according to Republicans close to Mr. Trump. (Aides to Mr. Rubio declined to comment.)
I wasn't the only one. The Trump-Rubio (Short Hands and Little Heels) ticket could actually be a thing, The Hill was saying, though by afternoon Newsmax was claiming Dr. Ben, the leader of the search team, had ruled it out. Why???

I believe it's because Donald's got a different strategy for getting that all-important Hispanic vote:

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