Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Primary outtakes

Can't find a credit for this shot. Digby has used it memorably though.
And how significant?

Math, how does it work?

It's the international Communist conspiracy, stupid.

Bernie's just one of the victims. Just like you-know-who.

In the gulag, where political prisoners mix with hardened criminals, you have to become a gangster yourself. It's survival, man. Image by Vanity Fair via Gawker.

What part of "party" don't you understand?
A-and they won't let Republicans vote in their primary either! Those New York Democrats are such elitist snobs! This has to be unconstitutional!

Though even in Michigan they're pretty nasty. If you vote in the Republican primary they won't let you vote in the Democratic primary. Like you somehow polluted yourself. What's up with that?

When you come to think of it the whole party is like that. Like why aren't there any Independent or Republican delegates at the Democratic convention? Not good enough for you, huh? Might end up with a nominee who doesn't agree with all the Democrats, gosh, wouldn't want to risk that. Cowards.

And most people don't own any GM stock, so why can't I vote at the GM shareholders meeting? How is that fair? And why doesn't Michael Moore invite any of his enemies to his birthday party? To say nothing of people who are totally indifferent to Michael Moore (the largest partying bloc)?

"Is this a Donald that I see before me, the hairpiece toward my hand?" Chris Matthews is concerned. Screenshot by The Godless Liberal.

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