Thursday, December 3, 2015

Violence: Exchange with Senator Rubio

Nothing especially original here, just for the record. No, wait, updated:

Or if he hadn't continued to use underhanded deception in his anti-abortion efforts, particularly in the part he and Sullenger played, as related in The Nation, July 16 2015, in David Daleiden's manufacture of videos falsely accusing the Planned Parenthood of "selling baby parts", which has inflamed people to all sorts of immoral activity from Carly Fiorina's ridiculous lies (claiming to have seen, and vividly describing, a video that never existed) to these terrible murders in Colorado Springs, where the killer used the term spread by the videos, "baby parts", to explain why he felt he had done something justified.

Newman really does have blood on his hands through his direct involvement in that wicked bearing of false witness.

The Nation article also notes evidence on Newman's direct connection to the Tiller killing, from the murderer himself:

 Though Newman immediately distanced Operation Rescue from Roeder after the killing, Amanda Robb reported in Ms. magazine’s spring 2010 issue that Roeder told her he had gone “to lunch with Newman and asked him about using violence to stop abortion.”
Robb: What did you say to him?
Roeder: Oh, something like if an abortionist—I don’t even know if it was specifically Tiller…was shot, would it be justified?… And [Newman] said, “If it were, it wouldn’t upset me.”

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