Saturday, December 5, 2015

More violence: Rubio exchange, concluded (I think)

Image by Ms. Magazine.

For the record again, taking up where the Senator left off Thursday. He either is really unflinching when it comes to debate or psychologically unable to not have the last word or has way too much time on his hands, but I have to admit to being impressed how much of it he's willing to give to an insignificant leftish clown who will never vote for him.

(Not complete, and maybe not 100% coherent.)

Is he starting to back off at this point?

Or more shifting the discussion away from Troy Newman and onto Planned Parenthood?

That's the wrong picture; should have been this:

At this point he may have artfully conceded that Planned Parenthood never sold tissue, shoving off the allegations onto a private firm instead, but it's pretty slippery:

StemExpress can speak reasonably well for itself. I don't see how it's done anything illegal at all, of course, in procuring donations and processing them—again see the Snopes piece for explanations of the costs—and attorneys general are evidently satisfied that such is the case.

And in conclusion (I do think he's backed off defending Newman and attacking Planned Parenthood for the moment at least) we display some of that civility you've heard tell about and Like each other, cute huh.

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