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Cheap shot: Rebranding

Update 8/30:Welcome Crooks, Liars, and the People Who Love Them—thanks, Batocchio!
For those who can't get enough Trumpery, check out the Official Rectification of Names (shoop, shoop, shoop, shoop) Trump Song!

Drawing by Nick Anderson.
Charles C.W. (Crispy Wings) Cooke:
Know what else ”happened here”? By first explaining why he had Ramos removed, and then by bringing him back and debating with him for a while, Trump regained the moral high ground. As the Daily Mail reports, Trump did not banish Ramos. Rather, he let him return, and then he “proceeded to take questions . . . about immigration policy, the term ‘anchor babies’ and security at the Mexican border.” 
That's a good emperor: no banishment, just a temporary exile until the offender learns his lesson. Cookie really hates Trump ("resembling a man who hoped to discover whether methamphetamine or LSD served as the best accompaniment to a mostly whisky diet"), but he'll always defend his prerogative of ordering journalists around, at least if the journalist belongs to the Spanish-speaking persuasion.

And works for an organization that had the nerve to dissociate itself from a business deal with the vile billionaire after the v.b. mortally insulted its entire audience—
When Ramos pressed Trump on polls showing his unpopularity with Latinos, Trump would not accept the premise of the question. First, he interrupted Ramos and turned the question on him: "How much am I suing Univision for right now? Do you know the number? I know you're part of the lawsuit."
Trump filed suit against the network in June, alleging defamation and breach of contract, after Univision ended its relationship with him and canceled plans to broadcast the Miss Universe pageant he owns following his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.
It's $500 million, which I'd say offhand he has no prayer of collecting. He's not getting elected president either. And the Latino-friendly rebranding of the Republican party continues apace.
"A woman's getting ready to have a baby," Trump said. "She crosses the border for one day, has the baby, all of a sudden for the next 80 years — we have to take care of" the child.
Actually, no. The "anchor baby" phenomenon, which is actually a kind of thing, involves essentially people especially from China (J.E.B. was sort of right about that) with means to book the flight, hotel, and good no-insurance private hospital care, preparing to send their kid to MIT or Stanford 18 years from now, and who don't expect to be "taken care of" at all but to get still richer than they already are, exactly the kind of immigrants you guys like:
“These women are the economic elite…and they are fueling the economy here.  I take them on shopping trips…one woman bought 15 Coach bags,” said Katie, who said she piles her pregnant clients into her van for the hour and a half drive to Woodbury Commons...
Immigrants with a commitment, you know, to education, self-reliance, stern traditional values, and keeping an eye on the main chance, like Charles Cash Wise Cooke (M.A., Oxon.)
The next question from Ramos: How do you build a 1,900-mile wall across the U.S. border with Mexico?
"It's very easy," Trump said. "I'm a builder. ... What's more complicated is building a building that's 95 stories tall."
Uh, that's wrong. A 95-story building is far less complicated than an impenetrable 1900-mile wall. Trust me on this.
Trump went on to assert that gang members in Baltimore, St. Louis and other cities are illegal immigrants.
"Listen, we have tremendous crime," he told Ramos. "We have some very bad ones. ... Do you mind if I send them back to Mexico?"
Leaving aside the question whether gang members in Baltimore, St. Louis, and Ferguson  are undocumented immigrants—really??? (he often mention Ferguson elsewhere in this bit of his stump shtik, which is apparently meant to hint to his poorly informed fans that undocumented Mexicans rather than citizen police officers killed Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray...)—the idea of sending criminal aliens "back" is basically the Obama-Holder policy, prioritizing deportations to focus on people convicted of felonies, which the Republicans have consistently referred to as "dictatorial". I don't mind at all, and I'm sure Ramos doesn't either.
"Hispanics love me; they love me."
Oh yeah?
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