Monday, March 25, 2013

Retroactionary watch: Tehran

Peter Hart at FAIR catches Time magazine discovering that Iran's march toward nuclear supremacy has taken a retroactionary direction:
Nowhere does Time's Massimo Calabresi mention one rather inconvenient fact: There is no evidence that Iran is actually pursuing a nuclear weapon. Regular inspections have failed to turn up any evidence of that. Instead, we read things like this: "Iran itself has slowed down its efforts, converting some enriched uranium to a form that can be used only in research, not in weapons." This is treated as evidence that Iran is heading towards its nuclear weapons more slowly.
Yes, Iran has slowed to the point where they're actually going backward—making progress in reverse. The fiends! At this rate, they should be able to construct a working weapon by 2009 or so, and there will be no way we can stop them!
Photo by Rick Steves.

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