Monday, March 25, 2013

Clarifying an Argument

Clarifying an Argument
Very useful post by Erik Loomis on Greenwald's dishonesty. Speaking of clarifying arguments, I just figured out why it bothers me that Greenwald's case against Obama relies so heavily on reminding us that Aulaqi was an American citizen. It's the implication that if the drone program just killed foreigners that would be OK. Or maybe not quite right but not as bad.

To me it's exactly as bad. Nobody should ever have a missile dropped on their head for any reason at all. If there's anything that mitigates the badness, it is when the victim of the attack is an active belligerent. It is not anything to do with the victim's passport.

I think I disagree with Obama on who needs to count as an active belligerent, or how often those missiles need to be dropped, but I agree with him on the basic moral framework here. I think Greenwald's moral framework is perverted and fascist repulsively legalistic.
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