Monday, March 30, 2020

Literary Corner: We've All Learned Something

Easter in Slovenia features exquisite dyed eggs and of course potica, a roll of yeast dough and walnut baked in a special ring mould, ideally on the hearth. 

Emperor Trump has composed a kind of David Brooks tribute in the effort to clarify how lucky people are to have this pandemic on his watch. I'm not even kidding.

What Life Should Be
by Donald J. Trump

The people of this country have been
incredible with social distancing
I'm getting letters
from people that
"I've found my family again..."
they were doing all sorts
of things and now
they're with their family
in the home
and they're not going out
and a lot of things
are happening and they're
writing me, "We've found
what life should be."
Big strong letters with tears streaming down their faces saying, Sir, thanks for mishandling the coronavirus, this extra time we're spending in social isolation is giving new meaning to our lives.

And Donald too shy to tell us how much he's enjoying himself away from the golf course—on his stomach in the family room playing board games with the kids, and helping Melanie out (you can imagine how fetching in her little apron) with complex Slovene baking projects that fill the East Wing with intoxicating fragrances.

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