Thursday, June 28, 2018

Literary Corner: Dactyls

Suprematism  no. 5B, by Konstantin Malevich, 1916, via Arina Anoschenko

Trump's lyrical tribute to himself for getting the DPRK government to release the remains of the US's Korean War dead in his conversation with the supreme leader Kim Jong-un, has a springy, remarkably consistent, dactylic rhythm:

The Last Thing I Asked
by Donald J. Trump
It was the last thing I asked,
I said, ‘Do you mind?

would I be able to
get the remains back
of all those great heroes
     from so many years ago?’
And he said, ‘I will do that.’
And you probably read,
they have already done
     200 people. Which is so great.
Well, which might be so great if it was true, and all the parents of the fallen heroes, who would themselves be octogenarians if they were alive, Trump said there were thousands of them imploring him to take care of this, were now taking their children's bodies home, or somewhere. You probably haven't read it, because it didn't happen —can't remember where I originally got this from, thought it was Digby but it's not) :
The only problem: No remains have yet been returned, and it is unclear when that might happen. “We have not yet physically received them,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, but said that he is “optimistic” it would take place “in the not-too-distant future.” (S.V. Date/HuffPost)
I hope they hurry, because those parents, who are mostly well over 100 by now, probably can't wait forever.

Speaking of Digby, do check out Emin Agalarov's new video featuring scenes of
– Trump partying in a hotel room with bikini-clad pageant contestants– Emin slipping Ivanka a briefcase– Emin paying off Stormy Daniels in an elevator 

Nobody knows what it means.

Then there was the crossed signal between the emperor and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the upcoming summit with the Russian president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
“I’m confident that when the president meets with Vladimir Putin he will make clear that meddling in our elections is completely unacceptable,” Pompeo said during a Senate subcommittee hearing that covered a range of foreign policy challenges.
And a day later,

I guess Trump's going to say, "Volodya, I know you say you had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election, and that's terrific, because if you were involved in any of that Meddling in our Election that would be Completely Unacceptable. So keep saying it."

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