Sunday, June 3, 2018


It would be funny if Trump were to actually drive the UK back into the European Union:
The possibility of signing a trade agreement with the US was sold by Leave campaigners (and still is) as one of the big potential benefits of withdrawing from the EU. And, as a last resort, there was an assumption that the UK would be able to benefit from the baseline rules of the World Trade Organisation. But, in the current climate, those assumptions are being severely tested. Yesterday’s decision to increase tariffs is but the latest in a long line of protectionist measures adopted by a Trump presidency that is deeply distrustful of existing structures, which underpin the international trading system. (Billy Araujo Melo, MetroUK)
Image via BBC.
Not that it's going to happen, but if the Conservatives were smart, it could.
Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, [International Trade Secretart Liam] Fox said the UK was still seeking exemptions from the tariffs.
"We will still be making that case throughout this week," he said.
He added: "The United States believes, I believe wrongly and illegally, that this is a national security matter for the US.
"Given that we export some pretty complex steel products to the United States which are part of their national security programmes themselves, this reasoning that is given is wrong and therefore we believe unlawful."
Hatred for Trump is beginning to work as an international unifying factor. Kind of the way they used to feel about North Korea, in fact. You were always safe hating on the Kim of the day. Russians and Chinese pretended to care, you could tell they couldn't stand them as much as the rest of us. Nowadays South Koreans say pretty explicitly that whatever you say about the current Kim, and it's all true, he's still more reliable than Trump.

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