Thursday, February 16, 2023

For the Record: Positive Thinking

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's 88th birthday party, photo by Ron Galella! Remember him?), via NPR.

There was a point there, maybe it was Miller, but in any event this was a funny thought bringing in the Artificial Intelligence everybody's talking about

Following upon which Some Dude who does not understand the meanings of "style", "prompt", or "negative" took issue:


That's what style means: not the message, but the means you use to convey it. But then I let my interlocutor start trolling:

But Some Dude had already blocked me by then. I do like the way I've drawn the difference between style and content, and beyond that a distinction some of you guys sometimes have trouble with, the difference between moral labeling and analysis. Dude here was upset because I didn't insist on the point that Trump Is Bad. But everybody knows that already! It's more useful to ask what exactly he was up to, and ultimately how he keeps getting away with it.

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