Saturday, June 11, 2022

For the Record: Working the Ruffs

Republican reaction to the January 6 committee hearings continue to develop along not unpredictable lines, like this scumbag's bragging about how he hasn't read any of the indictments:

Mulvaney has no suspicion, I guess, that Trump forces could plan anything without his help, like the way he set up Trump's extortion call to President Zelenskyy with the long months of denying Ukraine the congressionally mandated funding for the Javelins. He expected them to be paralyzed without him.

Then there's the. straight-out McCarthyism from our pal Senator Rubio:

But the biggest thing is continuing to be the shits 'n/' giggles from our Very Serious Conservatives who just can't understand why anybody would take this stuff seriously:

Don't know if I'll ever communicate how serious I am with the traditional reference to the Gettysburg Address. and the "new birth of freedom" in which government was to be understood as "of, by, and for," in which "the people" were envisaged as not only the governed but the governing as well as the beneficiaries of government, all of us, together. That phrase is to the Second Founding of the United States what unalienahle rights were to the first. When you libertarians insist that the US at its founding wasn't intended to be a "democracy", you're right. You're right! It was during the Civil War, not before, that the US seriously decided to be a democracy, and the 13th. 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments laid out how that was going to happen. It was then, through the genius of Lincoln. that we began to understand what the project entailed.

It was never going to be easy! It was never going to ensure that only smart and wholly unbiased guys would introduce proposals and wicked folks with personal interests would disgrace themselves by defending those personal interests. Everything was always going to be hard.  

OK, so it's not the patient exchange between gentlemen that Madison and Hamilton prefigured. Sorry!

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