Friday, January 7, 2022

For the Record: January 6

 On the 12th night of Christmas the White House gave to me... A pretty good speech suggesting he's still interested in putting some of those masterminds in jail. 

Who copyrighted "Stop the Steal"... in 2016? Photo via CNN.

Startled to learn that the January 6 Committee may have started investigating the "1st Amendment Praetorians", a paramilitary organization consisting "entirely of veterans of the military, law enforcement, and the intelligence community" that has provided security at rallies for the Q folks, Allen West, and ex-General Mike Flynn, led by Robert Patrick Lewis, a wingnuttery entrepreneur who also warns YouTube audiences about the threat of an "antifa Tet Offensive" and "syndicate" of liberals allied to Chinese special forces units. No, I'm not startled. Maybe reassured, because I'd hate to think they weren't being investigated.

Also not startled to hear Professor Lawrence Tribe complaining that his old student Merrick Garland may not have been investigating the plan A from which Plan B apparently sprung:

Or maybe he's just driven mad by the fact that his old student Barack Obama kept giving the Supreme Court seat he was expecting to some... girl. As far as I'm concerned, of course, Garland ought to be taking his inquiry back a good deal farther than that.

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