Saturday, September 25, 2021

For the Record: Del Rio Truthers


Bringing takeout from Ciudad Acuña to the family in Del Rio. Photo by Jordan Vonderhaar/Getty Images via The Guardian.

Obviously the fact that Trump was being replaced by a less racist and anti-immigrant president encouraged more people to join in from January 2021 onward, but the movement was already happening.

"I find it odd." Could we be dealing with a troll?

I dunno, it's really my practice; if I'm suspicious about some representation of fact, the thing I normally do is to check it out—if I find evidence it's wrong, I might send them a link, but it's only if I can't find anything at all that I'll come out demanding a source. This guy, conficdent that he was representing "most ppl", clearly wasn't doing that—bad manners as far as I'm concerned.

But I couldn't resist giving it another try. Del Rio really was a pretty good place, after all, before it got so crowded under that bridge:

Also, it really wasn't sudden at all; CBP was noting an influx of Haitians at Del Rio in October 2020, brought there by coyotes (the criminal, not the animal), 11 months before the situation reached crisis level. And yes, unlike the Trump-Miller-Sessions CBP, they were following correct procedure, giving everyone a preliminary interview and arranging for further processing of asylum claims:

"Interesting." Yep, he's a troll. As with "odd" and "weird" earlier, words used to throw doubt on your interlocutor when you don't really have any ideas about how you'd show they're wrong, or don't want to admit to the conspiracy theory you're pushing—perhaps the one offered by the anti-immigration Center for Immigration Studies according to which it's the Mexican government's making fun of Biden for donating Covid vaccine to them:

A casual move such as suspending deterring strategies under cover of a holiday, or perhaps for the express purpose of transferring a humanitarian burden to the United States, indicates a diplomatic failure by the Biden administration in choosing carrots rather than Trump’s stick in dealing with Mexico. The move hints at how Mexico’s leadership regards the Biden administration’s quid pro quo arrangements of aid for help with illegal immigration from Guatemala.

Del Rio Truthers.

Reader, he didn't. Of course.

You take care too, dickhead.

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