Saturday, October 24, 2020

For the Record: Why the Affordable Care Act Will Survive

Photo by CQ Roll Call via Forbes.


 A heavy Twitter day, sorry. Some more arguments with friends:

But it is business legislation, created to guarantee the right of health insurance companies to expand their markets everywhere and hospitals to never face the horror of unprovided care, and will remain so at least until we get to start introducing a public option next year. A Roberts Court will be very willing to combat that, perhaps, but just this past April they did rule in favor of the ACA's co-op insurers and the risk corridor program they depended on, against the vandalism of a bunch of Republicans led by Marco Rubio (I wrote about that at an earlier stage here), in an 8-1 decision written by Justice Sotomayor (Alito was the vandal holdout).

It's the pervasive left-right spectrum analogy, as Thornton would say, that makes it so hard to see that an enemy like Roberts could land on our side on an issue without ceasing to be an enemy, and makes you guys keep thinking I'm not cynical enough. Again: it's not because Roberts is nice or understanding, or more like you than you think; it's because he's working for successful United Health, not for bankrupt Donald Trump.

Hope to get back to Nicholas Lemann later. Meanwhile, a couple of other things

We know how he did it, too, because, unlike some presidential candidates, well, one since 1974, he has released his tax returns going back a considerable way. He is pretty wealthy now, there's no denying it, but he waited, like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama, until he was out of the federal government to start capitalizing on having been in it. Dinesh thinks it's old-fashioned to look at the timeline, postmodern kids never do that.

And finally this, on the latest Giuliani ratfucking effort (you'll have to click the Politico link for the background, I'm not taking time to write it up):

I'm starting to think this is really what happened. Again, the true bits of the story are not damaging to any Democrat (testifying that Joe Biden kept supporting his son through shaking the addiction and that he may have been asked to meet somebody though nobody knows whether he did or not, but it's Rudy who successfully corrupted the Burisma owner).

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