Saturday, August 19, 2017

For the record: Declining and falling

Marble bust of Emperor Gaius Caligula, with original color restored, via Wikipedia. Paul Krugman made a pretty good case yesterday that he was a better emperor than Trump.

I really have such a bad feeling on this aspect, that Republicans will emerged unscathed from the cataclysm, shaking with indignation when anybody suggests they had anything to do with the rise of this ill-bred person.

Sure enough, it had already happened:

The eternal paradox. Trump thinks he's the Emperor and can make things happen by issuing an order or a tweet, and is endlessly frustrated and betrayed by lack of action. He's a terrible danger to the republic, mostly through the people like Pruitt and Sessions and Price and DeVos that have wormed their way into office under him, but personally completely impotent.

Everybody knows this story is bogus, but not everybody realizes Pershing's success (in a job that shouldn't have been undertaken, of colonizing the Philippines) was achieved by an exactly opposite technique:

Oh, and question to Radio Yerevan: Is it true that General Robert E. Lee was "against racism"?

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