Thursday, July 21, 2016

Prosecution for the Witness

Donald Trump's lawyer, by Runt-of-the-Web.

Famed prosecutor Christopher "Wormtail" Christie has never actually argued a case or cross-examined a witness in his distinguished career, that's one of my favorite facts about him, but decided to make his debut at the Republican convention on Tuesday, roaring out his list of charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and asking the audience to agree: "Guilty or not guilty?" Massive audience response, with chants of "Lock her up!" Leading inevitably to more calls to execute her for her crimes, though even Christie didn't manage to allege any of those. It was one of the most fascist moments of this increasingly fascist campaign.

I got into a very lengthy debate with a Trumpet Strumpet on the Twitter machine when I should have been writing a blog post, and here most of it is. At least it has a couple of jokes, and a few references if you want to argue about Libya with anybody (including me), below the fold:

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