Sunday, January 17, 2016

What kind of animal is Maureen Dowd?

Crouching wolverine, via National Geographic Kids (an outfit that you'd think might know how to provide a photo credit, but never mind).
So Sister Maureen Dowd has gone beyond worrying about what gender Hillary Clinton is to what kind of animal:
Since we cannot know if a woman is going to overcompensate on machismo — as Hillary did on the unjustified Iraq invasion — we may want to look at it a different way.
It may be more relevant to ask if someone is a cat or a dog.
Or, in Shorter form:
Shorter Maureen Dowd, "Reigning Cats and Dogs", January 17 2016:
What kind of animal is Hillary Clinton? Bitch or pussy?
This column (you really don't have to read it, but I'm not quoting it any further) is so vile that it's incurred the disapproval of Ann Althouse (h/t BooMan):
Ugh. I don't need cutesy animal stand-ins for masculine and feminine stereotypes. You've already made it clear that you think and want to write in terms of these stereotypes (with the understanding that a man can be "feminized" and a woman masculinized).
Althouse runs her critique with an animal picture too, and one that could easily have represented a red-haired Irish bitch, speaking of untoward and deplorably sexist analogies, but it turns out to be just male, part golden retriever Wally, fortunately.

Wally at his press conference. Image via The Paparazzo.

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